Peter Hess was born and raised in Southern Germany.  As an adult, he traveled extensively in India and Nepal in search of sound healing technologies.  Through contact with a nepalese shound healer, called a phobaije (FOO-buy-cha; breath doctor), he became acquainted with the ability to use various sound implements to direct sound for the purposes of healing.  With time, he was able to locate individuals who possessed the knowledge required to forge metal singing bowls using ancient techniques.

Peter Hess has cooperated with numerous members of the medical and scientific community in Germany to perform clinical research documenting the physical and psychological benefits of sound massage.  Whether you will receive a sound massage treatment or arrange to attend a sound massage training event as part of the process of becoming a Peter Hess Sound Massage Practitioner, you have the possibility to bring your conscious awareness into harmonious balance through the relaxing vibrations which are the basis of Peter Hess ® Sound Massage.

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Peter Hess ® Sound Massage

30 minute session - $50

60 minute session $100

60 minute couples session $140

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60 minute session - $100

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We sell Peter Hess ® Therapy Bowls!

Peter Hess ® Therapy Bowls are hand made of the traditional twelve metals and then machine finished to give a smooth exterior.  The bowls are designed to vibrate and produce numerous overtones when struck gently with a felt mallet.  When used in a therapy session, the vibrations cause the fluids in the client's body to resonate in a harmonious way.  The result is a state of deep relaxation.

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Peter Hess ® Therapy Bowls