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Sound has been used for millennia to transform and heal human consciousness.  Perhaps you have heard the phrase, "Everything is vibration!"  Our relationship with sound is pre-verbal.  As a fetus, we experienced sounds both within our mother's body, but also in the environment around her.  We may even find certain sounds, pieces of music, and voices soothing or the opposite.  Because we have a relationship with sound that predates the development of our ego, sound can be used to heal those places in our consciousness that may be difficult or impossible to reach through traditional methods such as psychotherapy and/or counseling.

Research has shown that sound slows the heart rate and deepens the breathing, but also reduces the production of cortisol and ACTH which is released in response to stress.  Sound increase alpha and theta activity in the brain creating the possibility of what is known as the "alpha-theta bridge" where deep emotional release is possible.

I invite you to explore your own consciousness and surrender to your path of personal transformation through gong bath, meditation or one-on-one sound healing session.

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Dharma Vibration Boulder Sound Healing

Peter Hess ® Sound Massage

60 minute session $100

60 minute couples session $150

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60 minute session - $100

We sell Gongs!

Gongs come in a variety of sizes and have different qualities and uses.  We specialize in small, hand-held Feng (wind) gongs, but are also able to help with the purchase and shipping of larger gongs for use in group settings.

Contact us for more information.

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