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Dharma Vibration is a space for individuals wishing to do deep personal process work.  Session details are held in strictest confidence, creating a safe container in which all is welcome.  The services below are discussed in more detail on the pages that follow and can be combined into a custom retreat package by request:

I am first and foremost a sound healer.  Sound is a powerful tool which can create possibilities for self-transformation.  I follow the theories put forth by Jung and Adler whereby individuals are on a path of self-actualization.  Sound can help them on their journey.

I lead group sound healing meditations and gong baths which combine guided meditation with the use of various sound healing tools such as: gongs, bells, singing bowls, kalimba, rattles.  Through guided meditation, the group achieves an expanded state and in that place, I play a 32" Paiste gong for 15 minutes or more.

The gong distracts the human ego and this makes space for other aspects of one's consciousness to  be revealed and considered.  Each experience with the gong is different.  On one ocassion, one may simply fall asleep while one others deep emotions and past experiences may be released.  This no "right" experience while at the same time, whatever one's experience may, it is exactly the right thing for them at that moment.

I also do one-on-one and couples sessions which are co-creations between client and healer based on any presenting complaints and may include:

* Peter Hess ® Sound Massage (singing bowls, bells)

* Brennan Healing Science © (hands-on healing, aura, chakras)

* Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as Taught by Yogi Bhajan (breathing techniques, gong meditation)

I have some training in counseling though I am not currently licensed.  I practie what I call "transpersonal counseling" which  is based on the assumption that body and mind are one. Sessions work with the two as a single integrated unit. Psychological and emotional issues are explored by including awareness of the body and where body and mind are connected.

Kundalini Yoga - called "the yoga of awareness" and "the technology of being human"; classes combine pranayama, asana, mantra, mudra, meditation, and the principles of Sikh Dharma in a unique blend designed to activate the kundalini shakta (life force) and raise it up to the 10th gate at the crown chakra.

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My Services!

I presented my Masters thesis from Sofia University on sound as a transpersonal healing modality in Bali, Indonesia at the end of July, 2015.  I will follow up this presentation by submiting a paper for peer review and hopefully publication in the International Journal of Transpersoal Psychology in 2017

1st International Conference in Indonesia for Humanities & Transpersonal Psychology

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Now Working at the Boulder Market

Dharma Vibration Boulder Market

Cancelation policy (paid events):

Cancelations more than 24 hours prior to event will receive a full (100%) refund via PayPal

Cancelations within 24 hours of event will receive a refund via PayPal less a 50% service charge.

Cancellations after the event will not be allowed and no refund will be provided.  You may; however, apply your deposit towards future services.

Drop by on August 23rd for a 15-minute chair session by donation.  The market is near the band stand in the park at the corner of Broadway and Canyon in downtown Boulder.  Please be sure to stop in and say hi!