Dharma Vibration is a space for individuals wishing to do deep personal process work.  Session details are held in strictest confidence, creating a safe container in which all is welcome.  The services below are discussed in more detail on the pages that follow and can be combined into a custom retreat package by request:

Vortex Yoga Hiking is an opportunity to visit Sedona's true gift; the land, and do kundalini yoga meditation.  Tours are less about communicating details and facts and more about your experience in the moment.

Sound healing sessions are co-creations between client and healer based on any presenting complaints and may include:

* Peter Hess ® Sound Massage (singing bowls, bells)

* Brennan Healing Science © (hands-on healing, aura, chakras)

* Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as Taught by Yogi Bhajan (breathing techniques, gong meditation)

Transpersonal counseling - is based on the assumption that body and mind are one. Counseling sessions work with the two as a single integrated unit. Psychological and emotional issues are explored by including awareness of the body and where body and mind are connected.

Kundalini Yoga - called "the yoga of awareness" and "the technology of being human"; classes combine pranayama, asana, mantra, mudra, meditation, and the principles of Sikh Dharma in a unique blend designed to activate the kundalini shakta (life force) and raise it up to the 10th gate at the crown chakra.

Why not combine the above into a custom retreat to fit your individual needs?  For example, schedule a private sound healing meditation one evening, followed by a private kundalini yoga and meditation class the next morning and a vortex tour that afternoon.  All for only $180 per person!  Add a 60-minute sound healing or bodymind counseling session for an additional $100.

Things to do in Sedona!

During the month of May, I will be in residence at Nirvana Pointe Retreat Center in Omaha, Nebraska.  More information about Nirvana Pointe is available on their wesbsite:  http://www.thewellnessconnection.com

May at Nirvana Pointe in Omaha, Nebraska

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Relocating to Boulder, Colorado

I am in the process of applying to Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado in order to be accepted into their Master of Transpersonal Counseling Psychology program.  While I have not been officially accepted.  It seems likely.  Stay tuned.

Cancelation policy (paid events):

Cancelations more than 24 hours prior to event will receive a full (100%) refund via PayPal

Cancelations within 24 hours of event will receive a refund via PayPal less a 50% service charge.

Cancellations after the event will not be allowed and no refund will be provided.  You may; however, apply your deposit towards future services.